One of the most confusing things about leasehold properties is who is supposed to do what and when. Who is responsible for certain repairs like lighting, is it the landlord or the leaseholder? To help you out answer certain questions like this, we will look at the responsibilities for repairs in a leasehold property. To start with, the responsibility for this repairs vary from one property to another. They are according to the lease contract and the lease contract I have will be different from the one you have. But generally both the leaseholder and the freeholder are responsible for certain repairs in the building. With buying or renting property comes many factors to consider, which is why if you are in a busy area such as Birmingham, estate agents stourbridge are worth considering to help you and find advice.

To understand who is responsible for what, consider checking your lease. The lease agreement usually stipulates the amounts of money you are supposed to pay as ground rent and clearly stipulates who is responsible for what. If you don’t know where you placed your lease, you can be sure of getting a copy from the land registry and you can also get a copy from your mortgage lender. In most cases the lease will have the following responsibilities for each of you. Estate agents stourbridge may be able to help you find a solution if you are struggling with property in the West Midlands.

As a leaseholder you will be responsible for the following repairs.

Floorboards inside your house.

Plumbing and wiring of your house.

Decoration of your house like carpets and painting in the house.


The freeholder technically still owns the building so he will have responsibilities too. Some of the things he is responsible for in most lease contracts include:

Maintaining the structure of the property. This means repairs like roof leakages are mostly the responsibilities of the freeholder.

Any shared part of the property like for example the stairways, and lifts.